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8 Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom

7/29/2022 (Permalink)

8 Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom Near Me in Greater Hunterdon County, NJ When you discover signs of mold in your bathroom, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is here to provide a free remediation estimate!

Since your bathroom is one of the most common places to find moisture in your home, it’s also one of the top spaces to discover mold growth. 

Most homeowners can recognize the musty odor associated with mold growth, but did you know that mold can quickly spread and even cause structural damage to your property? That’s why it’s important to take steps to prevent mold in your bathroom.

Here, we will outline 8 ways to prevent bathroom mold in your home or business.

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8 Tips to Avoid Bathroom Mold in NJ

1. Fix Any Leaks or Water Damage

There may be water damage present from burst pipes, leaking plumbing, and more. One of the most important steps in preventing bathroom mold is completing any needed leak repairs and addressing any water damage present.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

An exhaust fan in your bathroom is crucial to establishing proper air flow to prevent moisture from sitting on your walls, ceiling, and flooring. By leaving your fan on for 30 minutes after your shower, you can help to prevent mold growth from developing.

If your bathroom does not have a fan, you can also open your door and windows to keep air circulating and improve ventilation. 

3. Dry Your Shower & Shower Items

The most important way to prevent mold growth is eliminating moisture, which is why you want to dry your bath products and remove as much water as possible from your shower after use. 

The perfect tool to invest in is a squeegee, which quickly removes a majority of the water from your shower walls and door.

By drying all damp bath products and using a squeegee to dry your shower area, you can easily help to prevent mold and mildew from growing.

4. Wash Towels, Rugs, & Curtains Regularly

Another easy way to combat mold in your bathroom is by washing and drying your towels, bathroom rugs, and shower curtains & liners at least once a week. 

Regular cleaning of these items helps to remove the moisture and bacteria that leads to mold and mildew growth. 

5. Keep Your Bathroom Well-Lit

Since mold thrives in dark environments, it’s important to maintain adequate lighting in your bathroom throughout the day. This can involve leaving curtains or blinds open to allow sunshine to pass through your windows.

6. Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

It’s important to use mold-killing cleaning products to properly clean and prevent mold growth in your bathroom. You want to wipe down all surfaces and even scrub your grout at least once per week in order to remove any bacteria present. 

You can even make your own cleaning solution at home using white vinegar and water to help eliminate bacteria in your bathroom.

7. Consider Resealing Grout

If you have a lot of tile in your bathroom, you may want to consider resealing your grout about once per year to protect it from mold and mildew growth. 

Because moisture can often penetrate the grout in your bathroom, causing cracks in your tile where mold can grow, resealing the grout helps to prevent water from seeping into and causing cracks in your tile.

8. Use a Dehumidifier if Necessary

If you’re dealing with persistent humidity issues, consider using a dehumidifier to help remove the moisture from the air. Make sure to set your humidity level in your bathroom between 30% and 50%.

Need Bathroom Mold Remediation in NJ?

When you discover mold in your bathroom in NJ, you want assistance from a professional mold remediation company to properly address all of the affected areas on your property.

With over 15 years of experience in bathroom mold removal in NJ, you can trust SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County to handle any size mold problem. Our team of IICRC Certified technicians have all of the training and resources needed to properly remediate your mold.

When you call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County for bathroom mold remediation, we’re ready to make your mold issue “Like it never even happened.”

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Free Estimates For Mold Removal in Clinton, NJ

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Free estimate for mold removal near me in Clinton, NJ. When you need help with mold removal services in Clinton, our team can provide an inspection and estimate free of charge.

Mold Problem in Clinton? We Can Help

When you find mold growth in your home or business, it's not something that you can ignore. Mold issues are usually caused by an underlying issue, so when it goes unaddressed, mold will continue to grow and spread within your property.

When you need professional assistance to properly rid your home or office of mold, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is here to provide a free estimate for your mold remediation in Clinton, NJ.

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Professional Mold Removal Services in Clinton, NJ

If you need mold removal near Clinton, NJ, you want to use a company that has the correct training and experience to fully and properly address your mold damage. With over 15 years of experience in mold remediation services in Clinton, NJ, you can trust our team to handle any size mold disaster in your home or business.

Our team of IICRC Certified technicians fully understand how mold grows, spreads, and have the needed experience and resources to properly remediate your mold issue. This means that our team doesn't simply clean mold - They use specialized equipment, mold containment procedures, and more to ensure your mold removal in Clinton, NJ is properly handled.

When you call your local SERVPRO in Clinton, New Jersey, we have one goal: To make your mold issue "Like it never even happened."

Mold Remediation Process

While SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County creates a unique plan for your mold remediation in Clinton, NJ, the general process still remains the same.

Step 1: Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment

A Project Manager carefully inspects all visible mold in your home or business. In some cases, such as after water damage, mold may be hiding behind walls or flooring. We will take moisture readings and more to determine all areas affected by mold and the moisture that causes it to grow.

Step 2: Mold Containment

Containment is important to prevent the spread of mold around your property, especially during the remediation process. Containment procedures such as negative air chambers may be utilized to isolate mold spores to the affected area. Fans and heating systems are also turned off during mold removal services in Clinton, NJ to prevent the spread of mold.

Step 3: Air Filtration

Microscopic mold spores are present in the air, and are removed using powerful air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and other specialized filtration equipment. This step also helps to prevent the spread of mold during remediation, while helping to ensure no mold spores are left behind after work is completed.

Step 4: Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials

In some cases, building materials or affected items will not be salvageable once affected by mold. Depending on the severity of your mold issue, mold removal in Clinton, NJ may be completed using antifungal and antimicrobial treatments, or by fully removing porous building materials affected such as drywall or carpeting.

Step 5: Cleaning Contents and Sanitizing

We clean your furniture, decorative items, curtains, clothing, and other restorable items affected by mold, using a variety of cleaning techniques to clean and disinfect your belongings. We’re also trained to remove odors and provide deodorization using fogging equipment.

Step 6: Restoration

During mold remediation services in Clinton, NJ, it’s often necessary to remove porous building materials like subfloors, drywall, and carpet. The restoration step returns your Clinton, NJ home or business back to normal. Depending on the severity of mold damage, the restoration step may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall, or it may involve a substantial reconstruction project.

Why Does Mold Grow?

Mold needs moisture, organic matter, and high enough temperatures to grow, and can develop in as little as 48 hours when conditions are right. That's why it's common for mold to form after flooding or water damage, as building materials become saturated and a breeding ground for mold spores.

Top Areas For Mold Growth:

  • Under sinks
  • Attics
  • Around leaky appliances
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Areas of previous water damage or flooding

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15 Years of Experience in Damage Restoration

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County Whatever size your disaster, you can trust SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County to make it "Like it never even happened."

When you need help with water damage, fire damage, or mold damage in New Jersey, you want to use a company that has the right experience, training, and resources to handle the job.

As your local damage restoration company with over 15 years of experience, you can be sure to trust SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County with any size disaster in NJ.

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SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County: Your Damage Restoration Specialist in NJ

When water, fire, or mold affect your home or business, using a company that truly understands the restoration process inside and out is important. With over 15 years of experience, our team is made up of highly trained and experienced industry specialists.

How does industry experience help better restore your home or business after a disaster?

With the experience that SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County has, there’s not many types of damages we haven’t seen before! 

This means that our team is ready to find the solution to your damages. We work hard to make sure that the damage restoration process is clear, efficient, and doesn’t interrupt your day to day as much as possible.

With a deep understanding of the insurance industry, our team is also able to simplify and guide you through the entire insurance claims process. We can help determine whether your damages will be covered by insurance, help with filing your claim, and then submit all documentation on your behalf.

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SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County Provides Free Estimates in New Jersey

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Free Estimates in NJ SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County provides estimates free of charge for our services in New Jersey.

Did you know that SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County provides free estimates for needed cleanup and restoration work in your home or business?

Call our office to schedule an appointment! 908-788-8770

Free Water Damage Repair Estimates in New Jersey

After water damage, you want to have the issue taken care of as soon as possible. However, there are some situations where your water damage in Hunterdon County may not be covered by your insurance, or doesn’t meet your insurance deductible. 

In these cases, you can call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County to schedule a free water damage estimate. Our Project Managers can meet with you on site, inspect your damages, and provide an estimate and a plan for restoration.

Free Mold Removal Estimates in New Jersey

In most cases, mold remediation in NJ isn’t covered by insurance. Because of this, you’ll need to get a quote to have mold removal performed in your home or business.

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County’s Project Managers can inspect visible mold in your property to provide a free estimate and plan for remediation. With over 15 years of experience in mold removal in NJ, you can trust our team to properly handle your mold damage.

Free Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup Estimates in New Jersey

When a fire strikes, the damages can be contained to one room or affect your entire home. In some cases, insurance may not cover the cost of restoration or you may need to have an estimate approved by insurance before moving forward. 

When you need an estimate for fire damage restoration in NJ, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is here to provide a free quote!

  • Soot & Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Roof Tarping and Board Ups
  • Smoke Odor Removal Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance

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Simplifying the Insurance Process For Our Customers

12/21/2021 (Permalink)

Insurance claim help from SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County. When disaster strikes and you need to file an insurance claim for your property in Hunterdon County, NJ, the process can be confusing.

When your home or business in Hunterdon County, NJ is damaged by a fire, flooding, or water damage and you have to file an insurance claim, the process can be a bit confusing and at times overwhelming.

If you’ve never had to file an insurance claim, the process can become even more unclear.

To help make a stressful time more simple and straightforward, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County handles and guides our customers through the entire insurance claim process.

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How SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County Simplifies the Insurance Claim Process

With many members of our team holding extensive experience in the insurance industry, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County has a unique ability to help you navigate every step of the insurance process. 

Get Help Filing Your Claim

If it's your first time filing an insurance claim for your home or business, you may not be sure exactly what you need to do. If this is the case, one of our highly trained Project Managers can assist you in filing your claim while on site. 

There may also be times where you’re unsure if the damages to your property will be covered by your residential or commercial insurance policy. If this is the case, our team can help confirm whether or not your loss will be covered by insurance. Our industry experts are highly knowledgeable in insurance policy coverages.

We Directly Communicate With Your Insurance Carrier

To make the insurance process simple, our team will directly communicate with your insurance company and adjuster. This includes determining coverage, getting approvals for proposed work, and resolving any issues.

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County will also handle the entire claims process. This means that we take care of submitting all required paperwork, images, estimates, and other documents directly to your insurance company. 

National Preferred Vendors

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon is on the preferred vendors list for many national insurance companies such as State Farm and Chubb. This means that your insurance trusts our company to provide expert damage restoration services in NJ, and recommends us to assist with the cleanup and restoration process on your property.

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2021: Summer of Flooded Basements in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded basement in Hunterdon County, New Jersey This fully finished basement in Ringoes flooded due the extreme rains from Hurricane Harvey.

Over this past summer, the Hunterdon County area of New Jersey has seen historic amounts of rainfall. Severe rainfall, a tropical storm, and even a hurricane hit our state, causing extensive flooding of roads, rivers, basements, and entire homes. 

With the amount of severe rainfall, we’ve seen multiple cases of flash flood warnings, watches, and even flood emergencies. Almost all of these advisories have had accurate predictions, with severe flooding occurring in the Flemington, Ringoes, Lambertville, and Whitehouse Station areas. 

Sadly, many of these flash floods have resulted in major flooding inside of homes and businesses throughout the area, causing serious property damages.

In fact, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County has fielded thousands of calls this summer in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Ida, and the first Tropical Storm in July. 

Most of these calls are in reference to flooded basement cleanup services in Hunterdon County, but many homes and commercial buildings have also sustained flooding on their first floors. 

How Can SERVPRO Help With Flood Cleanup in Hunterdon County, NJ

When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is prepared 24/7 to provide immediate basement water damage restoration in Ringoes, Flemington, Lambertville, and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.

With over 15 years of experience, you can be confident that our team has all the proper training and resources to quickly restore your home or business in Hunterdon County to pre-damage conditions. 

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County’s immediate emergency response is essential for minimizing damages when severe rains and flooding damage your property. The sooner the cleanup and restoration process is started, the less likely it is to form secondary damages such as structural deterioration or the growth of mold.

When you call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County for flood cleanup services, our goal is to make you damage “Like it never even happened.” 

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FAQ: Water Damage Restoration in New Jersey

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

FAQ Water damage restoration near me in Hunterdon County New Jersey. The water damage restoration process can be overwhelming and confusing - But our team can answer any questions or concerns.

As your local water damage restoration company in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, our team fields many questions about the restoration process, insurance coverage, costs, and more.

To help local home and business owners, our team has answered the most commonly asked questions about water damage in New Jersey!

Want to speak with a representative? Call our office 24/7 - 908-788-8770

Answering Your Water Damage Questions

Q: Does homeowners insurance cover water damage? 

A: There’s many cases where water damage in New Jersey is covered by insurance

Generally, damages are covered if the cause is sudden and accidental. But, coverage may be denied when the damages are determined to be your fault. This can be the case when damage is caused by unresolved maintenance issues that could’ve been easily avoided. 

There are also other scenarios where flooding or water damage will not be covered. Flood damage caused by storms, heavy rains, or surging rivers is not covered by standard homeowner policies unless you purchase additional flood insurance. 

Examples of covered water damage losses include:

Q: Does renters insurance cover water damage? 

A: Renters insurance only covers your damaged property - Not your landlord’s damaged building. 

Renters insurance coverage is similar to homeowner’s insurance, in that it will cover sudden and accidental losses to your personal property, but will not apply in cases of flooding from storms or natural disasters. 

Q: How much does insurance pay for water damage? 

A: This is completely dependent on the limits of your individual insurance policy as well as the extent of damages to your home or business. 

You can easily look at your insurance policy to see what you’re covered up until for repairs and restoration. As long as you don’t go over your policy limit and your damages are covered, insurance should pay as much as needed for your water damage restoration in New Jersey. 

But - your insurance company may still choose to not pay for certain things, such as repairing the pipe that caused the water damage.

Q: Does SERVPRO accept insurance? 

A: Yes, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County works with all insurance carriers. In fact, SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for many major insurance companies. 

Once your claim has been filed, our team will take over the insurance process for you. This means that we communicate directly with your insurance company to approve work, handle paperwork, and settle payment. 

Q: How long does water damage restoration take? 

A: The timeline for water damage restoration services in New Jersey is dependent on the extent of your damages.

For a flooded unfinished basement, the entire process may take only 3-5 days. However, when water damage is affecting multiple areas, building materials, or has caused the growth of mold, this timeline can take much more time. 

Your Project Manager will clearly explain the entire water restoration process in your home or business along with a specific timeline. 

Q: How does SERVPRO restore water damage? 

A: Our team at SERVPRO of Meriden creates a specialized plan for every water damage project.

However, the general process remains the same. Our team closely inspects your property using advanced moisture detection equipment and quickly begins the restoration process.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair

Step 6: Restoration

Q: Should carpet be replaced after water damage? 

A: It’s generally recommended to replace carpeting after water damage, especially if the carpet has been wet for longer than 72 hours.

This is due to the likely presence of mold, mildew, or bacteria in the carpet or the pad underneath.

However, when fast action is taken it is possible for SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon to salvage and dry a wet carpet. In these cases, our team extracts water from the carpet, takes out the padding, and sets up fans blowing underneath the carpet to dry it and the subfloor below. 

Q: How do you prevent mold after water damage or flooding? 

A: The best defense to prevent mold is to immediately address flooding, water damage, or excess moisture in your property. 

Mold can grow and spread in as little as 48 hours after water damage, so without fast action it’s growth is highly likely. If mold does develop, our team of mold remediation specialists in New Jersey can help.

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24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration in Hunterdon County, NJ

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

24 hour water damage restoration near me hunterdon county nj When you need emergency assistance with flooding or water damage in Hunterdon County, help is only a phone call away.

Local 24 Hour Water Damage Restoration in Hunterdon County

Flooding, severe storms, or water leaks can strike day or night in Hunterdon County and require immediate attention. When you need emergency water damage restoration services, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County can provide immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With over 14 years of experience restoring countless homes and businesses across New Jersey, you can trust SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County to make your water disaster "Like it never even happened."

IICRC Certified Restoration Specialists

Here at SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County, our team is made up of highly training and qualified water damage specialists. We work hard to ensure that your flood damage is handled correctly - down to the last detail.

We Handle The Insurance Process

We know that water damage in your Hunterdon County home is already stressful enough. That's why our team handles the entire process for you and can even help you file your insurance claim. Our goal is to make the water restoration process as stress-free and simple as possible.

Free Damage Inspection and Estimate

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County provides all customers with free damage inspections and estimates. A Project Manager can carefully inspect the damages to your New Jersey home or business and create a specialized plan to restore it to pre-damage conditions.

24/7 Water Damage Emergency Services

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County immediately responds to your call in order to prevent further damages to your property in New Jersey. The longer water damage goes unaddressed, the more severe your damages will become.

Water Removal and Flood Cleanup

Using industrial strength equipment for water extraction, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon can provide a fast flood cleanup in your New Jersey home. Whether there's a foot of water in your basement or you have a saturated carpet - We can get the job done fast.

Drying and Dehumidification

Taking the proper steps to dry your New Jersey property after flood damage is extremely important to avoid structural issues or mold growth. SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County utilizes advanced, commercial grade drying equipment in your home or business to ensure all moisture is removed.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County cleans and disinfects restorable items and materials that sustain water damage using a number of restoration techniques. Your property receives a sanitizing treatment to ensure no dirt, harmful bacteria, or mold spores are left behind.


Our in house-construction team can complete restoring your home to pre-damage conditions when repairs are needed.

Other Water Damage Services

  • Deodorization
  • Mold remediation
  • Disposal of flood damaged property
  • Storm damage cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup

Check out our water damage emergency tips to see what to do until help arrives.

For 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services in Hunterdon County, Call Today - 908-788-8770

24 Hour Emergency Damage Restoration Services in New Jersey

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

24 hour damage restoration company in new jersey SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County provide 24/7 emergency damage restoration in New Jersey.

When flooding, intense storms, fire damage, or major water damage affects your home or business in Hunterdon County, New Jersey - You need help as soon as possible to begin mitigating damages in your property. When it comes to cleaning up after a flood or fire in your home, every minute counts for reducing damages and keeping restoration costs low. 

Always Call a 24/7 Damage Restoration Company

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County understands how much time matters when a water or fire disaster strikes your home, and that’s why we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year to provide emergency services. 

Our goal is to stop fire or water damage in its tracks and ensure your property is secure. Before making the call to a random damage restoration company on Google - be sure that they provide 24-hour service or they are likely not worth your business. 

What Does Emergency Response Include? 

Depending on the type of loss, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County’s emergency response process may be a little different, but the main goal remains the same: Mitigating damages to your home or business in New Jersey.

When you call, our Customer Service Representatives ask for information that will help us best address your damages:

  • When did the loss occur?
  • What caused your loss? (If known)
  • How much water is in the property?
  • Did the fire department come? (If experiencing a fire)
  • Are there any holes in the roof or broken windows?
  • Is there electricity on site?
  • Your insurance information (If applicable)

This information ensures that our team is properly prepared to respond to your call. If any specialized equipment or a large team is needed for emergency service - We want to be ready before we even arrive at your property to provide excellent service.

For flooding or emergency water damage, you can expect the following for SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County’s emergency response:

  • Flood water removal/ water extraction
  • Pulling up carpet and pad for drying (If applicable)
  • Antimicrobial spray treatment to prevent mold growth
  • Installing drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Project Manager arrives to inspects damages and see what further work needs to be done

If you experience a fire, you can expect the following in your emergency response:

  • Boarding up of windows and doors (If applicable)
  • Roof tarping (If applicable)
  • Water removal (Mitigate damages from Fire Department putting out fire)
  • Installing specialized equipment
  • Project Manager inspects damages to see what further work needs to be done

SERVPRO emergency response does not address all damages in the first visit. 

The goal of emergency response is to prevent any further damages to your home, commonly referred to as “mitigating damages”. Once our team has done all they can do to ensure your property will not sustain any more damages, the rest of the damage restoration process can begin to return your home or business to pre-damage conditions. 

For 24/7 Emergency Response, Call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County - 908-788-8770

Water Damage From Leaking Roof in Flemington, NJ

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

water damage from leaking roof near me in flemington nj The water damage from a leaking roof can require extensive water damage restoration and mold remediation from SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County.

Many homeowner's worst nightmare is a leaky roof. Ice dams, heavy storms, or regular wear to your shingles can cause roof water leaks. The water damage from a leaking roof should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent serious damage to your Flemington home

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County can provide roof leak water damage repair services across all of New Jersey.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Water Restoration Specialists

Damages Caused By A Leaking Roof

When your roof is leaking in Flemington, it can cause extensive damage to your home, especially if you didn't notice right away. If you discover these damages in your New Jersey home, you should investigate for a possible roof leak.

  1. Water Damage
  2. Structural Damage
  3. Mold Growth
  4. Roof Damage

1.  Water Damage

Water leaks from your roof can cause water damage around your entire home. Damages may include:

  • Wet insulation
  • Water stains on ceilings
  • Warped walls or ceilings
  • Bubbling paint, possibly containing water
  • Active ceiling leaks inside of your home

2.  Structural Damage

If gone unnoticed or not addressed, the water damage from a leaking roof will cause structural damage. When the building materials of your home are full of moisture, they will begin to buckle and decay. This is why ceilings cave in or floors cave in after water damage.

3.  Mold Growth

Since roof leaks usually take a while to be noticed, it's very likely for mold to grow in affected areas. Once mold begins to grow, it can easily spread to the other areas of your home.

4.  Roof Damage

Obviously, a leaking roof has considerable damage that needs to be repaired. Depending on how old your roof is and how long it leaked for, you may be able to have the roof repaired or you may need to replace your roof entirely.

How To Handle Water Damage From A Leaking Roof

If you suspect your Flemington home has a leaky roof, take these steps:

1.  Move Your Things 

If water is leaking from the ceiling directly onto furniture or rugs, move it all out of the way. You don't want to lose all of your belongings to water damage.

2.  Catch The Water 

Before you go ahead and try to stop the leak, put pans, garbage can, towels, or anything else that can catch the leaking water. This will help prevent the leak from spreading to other areas of your home or cause damage to your floors.

3.  Stop The Leak 

At this point, you should call a roofing company. While they may not immediately fix your roof, they can tarp it to stop the leak for now.

4.  Call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County For Roof Leak Water Damage Repair 

Once your roof isn't actively leaking and you've gotten the situation under control, its time to start the cleanup. As a water damage restoration company, SERVPRO can remove all water from your home and ensure all affected areas are completely dried out after a roof leak.

5.  Call Insurance 

You should call your insurance company to see if you can file a claim to cover the damages as soon as possible.

6.  Have Your Roof Repaired 

Your roofing contractor can perform an inspection and tell you what roof repairs need to be made to prevent any roof leaks in the future.

Need Roof Leak Water Damage Repair in Flemington? Call Today - 908-788-8770

Why Choose SERVPRO for Coronavirus Cleaning?

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

coronavirus disinfection services near me flemington new jersey - image of Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County works hard to ensure our local Flemington business are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

The Coronavirus has deeply impacted businesses all across America. A Coronavirus exposure can cause your Flemington, NJ business to temporarily close its doors and rapidly shift operations. SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County can provide the cleaning solutions necessary for your COVID-19 cleanup as certified biohazard decontamination specialists.

Learn what to expect when you call SERVPRO professionals to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your business for the Coronavirus here.

SERVPRO Coronavirus Cleanup & Disinfection Services

When you choose SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County for Coronavirus cleaning for your business, you'll receive the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned experience. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means that professionally trained biohazard remediation specialists will consult, clean, and certify that your business has been sanitized and disinfecting for COVID-19. This program ensures your space receives the proper cleaning solution for your unique needs.

Step 1: Consult

When you call into SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County, a representative will as a few questions to start, including:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Your business type
  • Whether or not you have a current confirmed case of COVID-19
  • Rough square footage of the space you need sanitized and disinfected

Afterwards, you will be connected with a member of our COVID-19 team who will consult with you further to understand the cleaning and disinfection needs of your business. Our COVID-19 consultant team can even perform a free walk-through of your business to determine the amount of high-touch point areas, foot traffic, congestion points in the building, and more.

Your team member will then create plans for emergency disinfection for confirmed COVID-19 cases, suspected cases, as well as proactive cleaning & disinfection plans. They will explain the different types of services which we provide and will recommend a plan best suited for your needs if the time comes.

Step 2: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfection for COVID-19

If your Flemington area business needs COVID-19 disinfection, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is prepared to provide same day service, 24 hours a day. When you call us for Coronavirus cleaning, you can rest assured that your business has been properly cleaned, sanitized and disinfection. SERVPRO professionals have years of biohazard remediation experience, giving us the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to provide a high standard of disinfection services.

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County guides our COVID-19 cleanings per the standards set by the CDC. Additionally, SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County utilizes the SERVPRO disinfectant, SERVPROXIDE, which is a hospital grade disinfectant on the EPA's List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus

  • Fact: SERVPROXIDE is in the EPA's lowest toxicity category, meaning that it is safe to use on even direct food contact surfaces.

When our team delivers SERVPRO: Certified Cleaned services, they will clean, sanitize, and disinfect your space based on the consultation plan. If any specifications are made in the cleaning plan, they will be carried out at this time. SERVPRO cleaning specialists will always pay special attention to high-touch point areas, disinfection of porous surfaces, and utilize electrostatic sprayers to ensure your space has been properly disinfected.

Step 3: Certify

Once your SERVPRO Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection has been completed, our team will leave behind stickers, window decals, signages, and electronic logos to signify the space has been deep cleaned. The advantage of choosing SERVPRO for Coronavirus cleaning is that our credibility as a long-standing biohazard cleaning company will help your employees and customers feel more assured in the specialized cleaning you have invested in. When you have the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned logo on your door, you're showing that you've chosen a higher standard of clean.

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What Is A Moisture Meter & How Do They Work?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

moisture meter being used on a wall that has water damage. Moisture meters help determine the moisture content of a material and are used in woodworking and water damage restoration.

When your home or business experiences flooding or water leaks, you're likely to call a water damage restoration company to come out and inspect the affected areas and repair them as needed. But, how do they find all the moisture to ensure that none is left behind - especially when it seems like nothing is there? The key is in the use of a moisture meter.

What Is a Moisture Meter?

A moisture meter measures the moisture content of various materials and shows the moisture level in a given material.

How Do They Work?

Moisture meters come in two different types: pin type meters and pinless meters.

A pin moisture meter takes measurements by inserting the pins into the wood or material being tested. These work by measuring the electrical resistance against the moisture content in the material. When the material is wet, electricity flows more easily between the two pins, compared to when it is dry. This is how the meter gives it's reading. After taking this measurement, it's presented as %MC (percent moisture content) (Delmhorst).

Pinless moisture meters use a sensor pad which is placed flat against the surface being measured. The sensor sends electromagnetic waves in to the material it is placed against, and then works similarly to pin meters without inserting anything into the material or walls.

Using a digital meter will make reading the %MC as easy as possible.

How Are They Used?

A moisture meter is used to determine if a material is too wet or has a high level of moisture. Many materials, such as wood, paper, and drywall are sensitive to high moisture levels and may begin to structurally deteriorate and produce mold growth when moisture is left unaddressed.

These tools are used constantly in the water damage restoration industry. When it comes to water damage, you want to be sure that all moisture is dried out from any affected materials - but there needs to be a way of measuring that!

Here at SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County, we use moisture meters during every water damage inspection. The moisture tester provides an accurate moisture reading that helps the Project Manager to identify wet materials, areas in need of demolition or drying, and allows them to monitor the drying process.

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Tips To Dry A Water Damaged Carpet

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

drying a water damage carpet in new jersey Drying a wet carpet in New Jersey? SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is Here to Help!

When you experience flooding in your New Jersey home - whether it is from a toilet overflow or broken pipe - the damages can quickly become overwhelming. Something many homeowners struggle with after water damage is figuring out how to dry their wet carpets, whether or not it can be saved, and preventing carpet mold.

Here, we will outline some tips and tricks for when you're dealing with a water damaged carpet in New Jersey.

Tips To Save A Wet Carpet

- Stop flooding as soon as possible.

The less water that continues to flow into the room, the less cleanup and damage there will be.

- Move items out of the affected area.

It will be much easier to begin the drying process once furniture or other wet materials are moved out of the way.

- Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove as much water as possible from the carpet.

You can usually rent a wet dry vacuum at a place like Lowes or Home Depot, but this equipment is also handy to keep around the house for these exact types of situations. If the carpet is extremely saturated, a household shop vacuum will likely be unable to extract all or a majority of the water from it.

If you find this is the case while taking this step - it may be better to completely remove the carpet, or to call a water damage restoration company to save it using a commercial grade water extractor.

- Pull up a portion of the carpet to check for moisture.

To pull up the carpet, start in a corner and grab the carpet with pliers and pull to detach it from the tack strips that keep it in place along the walls. Then, use your hands to pull it up a bit more.

From here, inspect the padding underneath the carpet (if it has one). Check to see if it is also wet. This padding usually cannot be saved, even if the carpet is.

After inspecting the padding, pull a portion of that up as well to take a look at the sub floor. Has the water reached it? If so, you will have to worry about more than just drying out your damp carpet. A water-damaged sub floor requires professional restoration to prevent it from rotting out or deteriorating over time.

- Inspect for mold while looking for moisture.

Mold can begin to grow on a saturated carpet in as little as 24-48 hours after getting wet. If you did not address the moisture immediately, it's extremely important to check for the growth of mold or mildew. If you find mold, you will likely have to throw the carpet away.

It's also important to check the sub floor for mold as well, especially if moisture has migrated down to it. If you find mold on the sub floor, you will likely need to call a mold remediation company before putting down a new carpet - or else mold will infest the new one as well.

- Begin the drying process.

There are a few options for drying out a wet carpet. If there is no padding underneath it and the sub flooring is concrete, it can be sufficient to set up fans and dehumidifiers on top of the carpet - but this way may be the most likely to put you at risk for the growth of mold.

The most popular way to dry out a carpet is to "float" it. Here, you would pull up a corner of the carpet (remove the padding if there is any), and then position a fan underneath the carpet in the corner that you pulled back. This way, you can be sure that the carpet is fully dried underneath as well as on the surface, and that the floor underneath it is properly dried as well.

After setting up fans, you should also set up dehumidifiers to remove any other lingering moisture in the affected areas. Be sure to empty the tank every so often so that it doesn’t leak and ruin your efforts.

If you find that you're having a hard time getting the carpet dried with your own household equipment, you likely need to call a water damage restoration company to come and dry it out completely and properly for you. Companies like SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County have commercial grade equipment that can get the job done much more quickly.

- Clean and sanitize all flood affected areas.

This step is important to prevent the growth of mold or mildew, as well as the development of unwanted musty odors in your home.

Common Questions

How long does it take for carpet to dry?

Well, that depends on a number of different factors, including the type of carpeting, how thick it is, how wet it is, and whether or not there is padding underneath. With household equipment, it will take considerably longer to dry out a carpet - but regardless you shouldn't expect it to only take a few hours to dry. If you call a water restoration company, you can expect your carpet to be completely and properly dried in about three days.

If my carpet smells, should I spray it with an air freshener or other odor removing sprays?

The answer is no, you should not. If your carpet smells after you've dried it out, then that's a big sign mold is likely growing in the carpet fibers or underneath it. Spraying it with odor removing sprays will just let the mold problem get much worse, and eventually your home will smell even more.

Will insurance cover a flooded carpet?

This is hard to answer because it depends on the cause of your water damage. If the damage was caused by something like a broken pipe, a detached washing machine hose, or your HVAC system leaking, it will likely be covered. Times where it may not be covered is if the flooding is directly your fault or is from something like groundwater entering your home.

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Why We Are The Best Choice In Clinton For Water Damage Restoration Services

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

A leak in this home caused running water through the attic, soaking the ceiling and creating a large amount of water.

How Can I Fix Water Damage Quickly?

The Best Way to Restore Water Damage is by Calling a Professional Service Immediately

There is never a good time for a broken pipe or a leaky bathtub, but there is a way to restore the damage quickly, and it begins by calling a professional team as soon as possible. Understanding that prolonged exposure to water only exacerbates the damage to your furniture, cabinets, and flooring is essential in taking action to mitigate your loss.

Clinton homeowners facing water damage need to call us at SERVPRO as soon as it is safe to enter your home. For your convenience, our team is available 24/7 and ready with our industry-grade equipment to arrive at your home and begin the extraction process. Deliberate water removal and drying are the keys to a successful restoration process.

How is water extracted from my home?

After a leak, extracting water is essential, but so is normalizing moisture levels. At SERVPRO, we use state-of-the-art devices, including infrared technology, to monitor humidity levels in your home. Measuring tools guide us in identifying problem areas where standing water may exist without our knowledge. Once a target area is identified, we proceed to extract water until the air in your home is back to normal. To achieve this step, we may use one or several fo the following resources-

Handheld wand extractors - these allow us to reach the farthest corners of your home
Submersible pumps- these help us extract standing water given a specific volume
Dehumidifiers and air movers- these encourage evaporation

Aside from water extraction, our SERVPRO team also moves quickly to dry and disinfect any surfaces suffering from water damage. When we apply cleaning solutions, we keep in mind the nature of each surface (wood vs. composite, for example) and use a product that avoids further damage due to its abrasiveness. All these industry best-practices are well known to our team, and we can guide you through their use as we go along.

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County is available to the community we serve. Call us at (908) 788-8770 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

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Water Cleanup In Your Clinton Home

2/23/2020 (Permalink)

Water-related damages can spread throughout a home quickly.

Off-site Contents Cleaning Services for Water Cleanup in your Clinton Home

When water scenarios develop in your home, there are several tasks needed to return it to a preloss condition. Microbes are present in all forms of water, and they can cause stagnation, dry rot, mold growth, or form harmful bacteria and viruses. When there is water intrusion in your property, the areas most affected are likely to be your contents as well as porous structural materials like plyboard, drywall, or insulation. Our company operates special content cleaning services at a climate-controlled storage facility to help bring your home and contents back to normal.

Residents may look for professional water cleanup in Clinton when their possessions or home show signs of water contamination. These signs may manifest in murky waters, unpleasant odors, or visible signs of debris. Everyday household items like upholstery, textiles, carpets, fabrics, and clothing can all take on moisture and with it any potential contamination. On sites where water is widespread, and contamination levels are high, SERVPRO crew chiefs may decide to perform contents cleaning off-site to improve the efficiency of the restoration.

When preparing to move contents from one-site to the other, SERVPRO technicians take thorough documentation of items and group them into categories of urgency. Rush items may be items that need immediate restoration because they are an essential part of everyday living. Wet items are separated to avoid cross-contamination with dry materials. Items that need further assessment to distinguish whether or not they are fully restorable are also separated. Our storage centers are large enough to transport an entire home's worth of possessions off-site for urgent cleaning.

On arrival, SERVPRO technicians can begin to immediately dry wet items as well as quarantine items that may cause cross-contamination- mold or contaminated materials need separate cleaning. Your remaining possessions can be split into those needing mechanical Esporta washing, those in need of immersion cleaning, or upholstery and rug cleaning. When your items are clean and dry, we can return them to the same rooms in your house that we took them from to keep your restoration as stress-free as possible.

Water-related damages can spread throughout a home quickly. For extensive contents cleaning, contact SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County at (908) 788-8770.

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Why Clinton communities depend on SERVPRO for all services.

1/3/2020 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO show you why we will always be your best choice for remediation Clinton.

Clinton, we have your residents and businesses covered, we can break it down for you why.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in facets of the restoration industry, our SERVPRO team continues to grow and expand. More than just the fundamental niches of water, fire, mold, and storm recovery, Clinton residents have also been helped through natural disasters, post-construction cleaning, and biohazard recovery. Disasters do not wait for the convenient times to strike, and that is why you can expect our team members to remain active 24/7 to respond to emergencies as promptly as possible. With thousands of homes in Hunterdon County, it has become a valuable trait that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.


Being the fastest to traumatic situations like fire damage in Clinton homes is only part of practical restoration efforts. Our emergency services provide real-time solutions for damaged properties that seek to reduce costly secondary or continued loss effects in the house. Before proper mitigation ever starts, we can focus on damages like water losses from extinguishment efforts that can develop into microbial threats, and we can begin documenting loss for content management techniques for off-site recovery and restoration of personal belongings.

Fire damages vary from one Clinton home to the next, and that is why our SERVPRO team must stay diligently prepared for any loss effect that might exist. Continued in-house training and education through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) ensure that we can provide our customers with the modern techniques and practices that can save time and money on already costly professional restoration.

Deodorization and soot removal are two areas after a fire in Clinton homes where our professionals can utilize advanced technologies and potent products to restore affected surfaces. From soda blasting countertops to remove light residues to agitation cleaning practices to safely remove sediment and debris without staining, we can make fire losses less time consuming and expensive to restore.


There is no calm portion of the year where severe storm events do not threaten Clinton homes. With the extreme temperature drops expected in the middle of winter to the torrential rainfall and hurricane-level systems tearing through the city, our SERVPRO professionals must stay ready for whatever damage can result. Because flooding can so readily occur after harsh weather events, a team with effective extraction and drying equipment available can benefit your property.

Extraction is one of the most challenging mitigation tasks after flood losses and storm damage in Clinton homes. Depending on the severity of the situation, we have numerous units that can work to continually pull water from the flooring of affected areas and discharge it to nearby drains. Electric sump pumps, for example, provide a continual, quiet draw of standing water without excessive power demands.

Containment and decontamination practices can help to protect exposed surfaces and contents of your Clinton home from potential bacteria, microbes, and foreign substances that exist in standing floodwater. Our technicians can utilize potent cleaning and antibacterial products to eliminate microorganisms on exposed surfaces while drying gets underway.


Mold can result from several sources in your home, and that is what makes initial scoping of the jobs so essential. Our SERVPRO project management can dictate the extent of moisture damage and its location in a Clinton home so that the appropriate measures get taken to reduce humidity, dampness, and other catalysts to microbial growth. Long-term solutions can begin with a proper diagnosis of the cause of dampness.

The cleaning and deodorization phases of remediation can be among the longest-lasting and vital of the entire process. Colonization in your Clinton home can emit a harsh, musty odor that penetrates walls and materials, moving considerable distances from areas of highest mold concentration. Our thermal fogging, hydroxyl machines, air scrubbers, and ozone generators can all play different roles in improving the indoor air quality from a higher volume of mold spores as well as reducing the presence of pungent odors.

Remediation is an intricate process and requires unique and advanced technologies. Clearing surfaces of surface mold can often noticeably reduce harsh odors and the concentration of active spores. Soda blasting and other abrasive cleaning tactics can remove mold colonization in Clinton homes without damaging the host material, while simultaneously helping to reduce the emission of odors and volatile organic compounds.


The first 48 hours of a water loss incident are the most critical for recovery. During this period, water damage is still mainly on the surface of the materials and contents of your Clinton home. Surface moisture and water are the simplest effects to remedy with our extractors and rapid drying solutions. Once this moisture has penetrated materials and saturated through its composition, it can become more challenging to preserve these installed elements.

Drying out water damage in Clinton homes relies on our large inventory of air movers, dehumidifiers, and specialty moisture removal tools. Our experienced professionals can balance the presence of these tools to ensure that materials do not become overly dried and damaged from the other side of this spectrum. Consistent monitoring can help in this process, which includes detection devices such as surface moisture meters, thermography, and probing moisture detectors. Maintaining an understanding of our progress can ensure that our team is always doing everything possible to maintain our set restoration pace.

Many water losses require controlled demolition and reconstruction, and our SERVPRO professionals can help with focused cleaning efforts after these phases. Effective cleaning processes after drying, including vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and deodorization can be vital in making one of these emergencies “Like it never even happened.” Residues are another concern that can lead to permanent staining if not addressed promptly with premium cleaning agents in Clinton homes.

As a local team of professionals capable of responding quickly to an emergency that affects your Clinton area home or business, we have a stronger chance of helping our customers before the situation has reached extremes. With our level of experience and continued training in the restoration niches, you can count on our SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County team for a focused and confident approach for almost any threat your residence faces. Give us a call today at (908) 788-8770.

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Our Line of SERVPRO Cleaning Agents for Lebanon Water Recovery

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has what your Lebanon water damage needs from the start, call us today.

Let us break down our cleaning process for your Lebanon water damage. 

Because we have such a fast response to water damage emergencies in Lebanon homes and businesses, we can offer a nearly total project management solution beginning with the dispatch of our team after your initial call. Cleaning up after a water loss incident involves many careful steps taken in a specific order. When done correctly, this service can help to protect the installed materials and contents of your residence from avoidable destruction. 

Part of our successes in both fire and water cleanup for Lebanon homes can get attributed to the growing line of SERVPRO cleaning products. Cleaning agents, disinfectants, deodorization solutions, and more are accessible to our entire team as needed when restoring compromised residences. With debris and residue removal being such a necessary effort after water loss incidents, we can utilize several types of cleaning products to help. 


These are an important element used by our SERVPRO team to regulate bacteria, contaminants, and even microbial presences within set limits. We comply with the specific regulations set in place by local health authorities and the state of New Jersey to exceed minimum safety levels.


Cleaning surfaces is more than removing the microorganism threats that they face. Clearing stains and present residues can protect the surface underneath, and even improve its look beyond preloss condition. We have specific products for clearing hardwoods, tile, and other materials commonly found in area homes.


No matter how long water damage remains in your home, our SERVPRO professionals must address the possibilities of mold and microbial growth. The first two days are critical for drying efforts, but treating surfaces with microbe-controlling biocides can limit the development of colonies so our professionals can get the water loss situation under control.  

As challenging as any water loss scenario might be, our team of cleaning technicians can help to return your home to its original condition. You can trust our SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County team to have the potent cleaning and disinfection products that make water emergencies “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (908) 788-8770.

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