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We Get You Back In Business In Clifton After A Water Loss

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

The carpet in this home was lifted from the tack strips and then dried by several low-profile air movers. We are available 24/7.

Commercial Water Damage In Clinton May Consist Of Wet Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Most office complexes in Clinton contain acoustic ceilings. These tiles can get ruined easily if they get saturated, but if the commercial water damage is minor, then it is possible that they can be restored. Once moisture starts to soak into your acoustic ceiling tiles from above, the moisture can stain the tiles and then the liquid can start to drip down from them.

If the commercial water damage in your Clinton office is severe, then the tile ceilings can deteriorate and lose their structural integrity. If they get saturated, they can start to crumble, and pieces of the material can fall from the ceiling to the floor. If the tiles just slightly get wet, then it is possible to dry them out and remove the staining caused by the moisture.

Initial Inspection And Walkthrough

Once our professional SERVPRO crew arrives at your office complex, we start by inspecting your entire structure. We first remove your affected acoustic ceiling tiles so that we can find where the leak originated. If your office is on the top level, the source could be a roof leak. Or, if your office is on a lower level with other units above it, the problem could have been created by a plumbing failure in the complex above your office unit. Once we determine the source, we take steps to stop the leak.

Mitigating Wet Ceiling Tiles

After our SERVPRO technicians are confident that the leak has stopped and that your building is free of any safety hazards, we can take these next steps to restore the items in your house that the water damage contacted:

If the tiles have already begun to fall apart, we can remove each one that we know has been structurally compromised.
Once the tiles have been removed, we can use air movers to push warm, dry air up into your ceiling cavity.
The presence of wet tiles can increase the humidity in your office, but we can set up dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels.

Calling SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County at (908) 788-8770 can ensure that any problems created by your recent loss are handled promptly and professionally. We are available 24/7, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Did Your Clinton Hotel Suffer a Water Loss Event?

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Our Green Fleet is always on call and ready to go to restore your water damage emergencies.

Drying Out Carpeting in Guest Rooms of Your Clinton Hotel 

The reputation of your Clinton hotel hinges on the experience that you can provide guests staying at your facility. Part of this positive experience is keeping renovations, remodeling, and emergency disaster restoration from the public eye and as contained as possible. Water losses that can happen from broken sprinkler heads or broken plumbing fixture supply lines can make a mess of your rooms that requires not only extraction but also expert drying strategies. 

Many of the exposed materials and fixtures can show a need for water removal in your Clinton hotel. Considering that water is likely to pool and collect on the flooring, areas like the carpeting can quickly become saturated. Wet carpets require specific attention from both the premier equipment that our SERVPRO professionals bring to the scene and other strategies that might also be necessary, as the removal of saturated padding or surface layers. 

Even when more direct extraction is necessary for tiled bathroom areas, damage in the upper floors of your hotel limits the available extraction tools and equipment for the restoration. Electric sump pumps are a portable solution, though our technicians lean most heavily on vacuums to remove the bulk of the threat. These are also the power behind weighted extraction equipment and carpet wands.

Light carpet wands can be instrumental in preventing the migration of water to adjacent rooms or levels beneath the damaged unit. We can use moisture meters to determine the severity of water damage to decide the best approach to removing trapped water. These solutions might include floating the carpet with low-profile centrifugal air movers or other options designed to make a recovery as efficient and cost-effective as possible. 

Because of the focused efforts of our professionals, once mitigation work begins, we can often limit the affected areas. The objective of hotel water losses is limiting the effect on the guests during the drying and cleaning. With our experience and training in the recovery process, our SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County team can help. Contact anytime that you need us at (908) 788-8770. 

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Let Our Experts Help After A Flood In Clinton

12/28/2019 (Permalink)

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Commercial Flood Damage In Clinton

When storms roll through, high winds can do a lot of damage in addition to lots of rain that causes flooding of homes and businesses. Debris carried by the winds can punch holes in roofs and even through walls. Heavy rain can introduce lots of water through these roof punctures, with water flooding through several units in a multi-tenant building.

SERVPRO has been responding to commercial flood damage events in Clinton and surrounding areas for many years. We have years of restoration experience covering water damage from floods, heavy rainstorms, water leaks, wind damage as well as fire damage. We're available 24 / 7 and usually respond in less than four hours to provide flood damage mitigation and restoration services.

Multiple Unit Water Damage from Roof Puncture
Multi-tenant buildings are particularly vulnerable to flooding from roof punctures during a storm. Once a hole is opened in the roof, water pours in and spreads over the ceiling, flows into wall cavities, and spreads from unit to unit. In many cases, the water may spread to multiple units on multiple floors!

As soon as it is safe, SERVPRO can add tarps to the roof to prevent additional water from pouring into the open puncture. Surface water can then be vacuumed up from carpeting and hard surface floors. We use moisture detectors to check for water and moisture inside the walls. Access holes are sometimes needed to remove pooled water inside wall cavities and to apply dry air into these areas to absorb moisture.

SERVPRO also recommends that wet attic insulation is removed and replaced. Attic insulation can be challenging to dry, and the insulation may have compressed in areas where water penetrated, compromising the insulating capacity of the material.

Our SERVPRO technicians can investigate all areas potentially affected by water and moisture. Removing all moisture prevents the growth of mold and further damage to wall materials and structures.

Call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County at (908) 788-8770 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Flemington, Whitehouse Station, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO, Whitehouse Flooding, and Understanding Moisture Removal

11/3/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded in Your Whitehouse Area Business? Call SERVPRO, "Like it never even happened."

Flood Damage, Materials, And Moisture In Your Whitehouse Area Restaurant

You might think that damage is damage when dealing with a flood in your building. However, the type of material used to construct your Whitehouse area restaurant has a significant effect on the harm received and losses experienced.

At SERVPRO, we understand how moisture has various outcomes on different materials affected by flood damage on your Whitehouse area commercial property. To pass this information on to you, we need to explain a variety of terms that we use to describe the relationship between materials and moisture.

•    Permeance (PERM): is the measure of water vapor flow through a specific material. A unit of permeance or PERMS - describes the total amount of vapor flow in grains per hour (GPH), through one square foot of a given materials surface, when the vapor pressure is at one Hg (1” of Mercury). It sounds a little complicated, so let’s put it into simpler terms.

o    Very Porous Materials, such as carpet and upholstery, have high permeance factors, which means that they absorb and release moisture quickly. You might use these in your dining area and seating arrangements.
o    Non-Porous Materials, such as plastics, glass, and vinyl, have low permeance factors, which means that they absorb little to no moisture during a flood — many materials used for menus, dishes, and even appliances.

•    Vapor Barriers; are a type of material that is either waterproof or has a permeance of 1 PERM or less. In other words, it is a material that moisture cannot enter, or cannot pass through quickly. Here are some examples.

o    Vinyl Wallpaper
o    Masonry Brick
o    ½” Plywood
o    Vapor Retarding Paint
o     Paper-Faced Insulation (Batten)

•    Hygroscopic Materials: are materials with a high permeance factor that readily absorb and hold onto water vapor that exists in the air.
o    Carpet
o    Insulation
o    Upholstery
o    Gypsum Wall-Board
o    Particle-Board

Your SERVPRO technician can help you understand why the harder the material is to penetrate, the harder it is to dry. For example, think about a beach towel and a piece of plywood. If you get both materials wet, the towel soaks up water rather quickly, while the wood takes longer to absorb water. However, when you set them both in the sun to dry, the towel dries much faster than the wood, even though it absorbed more water, faster.

Understanding the physical nature of materials allows our technicians to implement the correct equipment, tools, and products for a successful restoration. When we know our business, we can keep you in business!

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County stands ready to provide 24/7 emergency flood damage restoration to business owners throughout the area, call today. (908) 788-8770