Water Damage Photo Gallery

kitchen view of cooler and vanity plumbing, uplifted floor planks

Flemington Hardwood Flooring Water Damage

Engineered floorboards may not be the best idea for a Flemington kitchen. The warping has lifted several planks, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can remove and dry them out for possible salvaging as the concrete base pad gets dried with our advanced equipment.

Beige Carpet lifted from walls with several green air movers drying it

Clinton Water Loss to a Carpet

SERVPRO always tries to restore water-damaged materials in a Clinton home. This carpet, lifted from the tack strips, is being dried by several low-profile air movers. We can strategically direct the airflow to increase the evaporation rate to prevent delamination and salvage this carpet for our customers. "Like it never even happened."