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Water Damage From Leaking Roof in Flemington, NJ

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

water damage from leaking roof near me in flemington nj The water damage from a leaking roof can require extensive water damage restoration and mold remediation from SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County.

Many homeowner's worst nightmare is a leaky roof. Ice dams, heavy storms, or regular wear to your shingles can cause roof water leaks. The water damage from a leaking roof should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent serious damage to your Flemington home

SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County can provide roof leak water damage repair services across all of New Jersey.

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  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Water Restoration Specialists

Damages Caused By A Leaking Roof

When your roof is leaking in Flemington, it can cause extensive damage to your home, especially if you didn't notice right away. If you discover these damages in your New Jersey home, you should investigate for a possible roof leak.

  1. Water Damage
  2. Structural Damage
  3. Mold Growth
  4. Roof Damage

1.  Water Damage

Water leaks from your roof can cause water damage around your entire home. Damages may include:

  • Wet insulation
  • Water stains on ceilings
  • Warped walls or ceilings
  • Bubbling paint, possibly containing water
  • Active ceiling leaks inside of your home

2.  Structural Damage

If gone unnoticed or not addressed, the water damage from a leaking roof will cause structural damage. When the building materials of your home are full of moisture, they will begin to buckle and decay. This is why ceilings cave in or floors cave in after water damage.

3.  Mold Growth

Since roof leaks usually take a while to be noticed, it's very likely for mold to grow in affected areas. Once mold begins to grow, it can easily spread to the other areas of your home.

4.  Roof Damage

Obviously, a leaking roof has considerable damage that needs to be repaired. Depending on how old your roof is and how long it leaked for, you may be able to have the roof repaired or you may need to replace your roof entirely.

How To Handle Water Damage From A Leaking Roof

If you suspect your Flemington home has a leaky roof, take these steps:

1.  Move Your Things 

If water is leaking from the ceiling directly onto furniture or rugs, move it all out of the way. You don't want to lose all of your belongings to water damage.

2.  Catch The Water 

Before you go ahead and try to stop the leak, put pans, garbage can, towels, or anything else that can catch the leaking water. This will help prevent the leak from spreading to other areas of your home or cause damage to your floors.

3.  Stop The Leak 

At this point, you should call a roofing company. While they may not immediately fix your roof, they can tarp it to stop the leak for now.

4.  Call SERVPRO of Greater Hunterdon County For Roof Leak Water Damage Repair 

Once your roof isn't actively leaking and you've gotten the situation under control, its time to start the cleanup. As a water damage restoration company, SERVPRO can remove all water from your home and ensure all affected areas are completely dried out after a roof leak.

5.  Call Insurance 

You should call your insurance company to see if you can file a claim to cover the damages as soon as possible.

6.  Have Your Roof Repaired 

Your roofing contractor can perform an inspection and tell you what roof repairs need to be made to prevent any roof leaks in the future.

Need Roof Leak Water Damage Repair in Flemington? Call Today - 908-788-8770

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